What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are a type of keywords phrase that has at least three, and sometimes as many as five words in the phrase. Long tail keywords are used when website wants to refine search term to the web page, as well as when the searcher is looking for something rather specific.

Like normal keywords, long tail keywords are used to define what is on the webpage and what the publisher wants to be found under in search engines and on search engine results pages. As these are highly specific keywords, and hence draw less traffic for the website, but tend to draw more quality traffic, which leads in more conversions than normal keywords.

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When a publisher is using long tail keywords, they are searching to corner a market that might be smaller than normal, but has just as much potential as other, larger, more exposed markets. Using long tail keywords can also be less expensive when it comes to pay per click biding, and other inclusion methods.
Visitors use long tail keywords to narrow down what they are searching for. Basically it is used to filter the search results.

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