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The biggest problem faced my many bloggers is the copying of their original content and posting it on other blogs. Many blogger are if fear of content copying. The hard work they do and the time they spent on blog, is all ruined when their content is copied by other bloggers. But there’s an online service available which keeps track of all your content when downloaded or copied from your blog i.e track of both text and images.

Even if someone downloads image from your blog and upload it on there server, this service will track it and let you know about the issue. This service is called as Tynt, and is worth trying. All you need to do is, you have to just sign up here for free and add your blog to there account. And after doing this task you have to just follow the instruction given by them, at last you will receive a code, which you have to paste in the head section of your every page.

If you are using WordPress, then there is no need for you to paste it in every post or page, just follow the step to followed to perform one time task

  • Go to appearance
  • Select editor
  • Select header
  • paste the code in the head section i.e between <head> your code </head>
  • then just update, and your done with the one time job

Now, once you have done the above thing, there is no need for you to paste code in each and every page.

Now after pasting the code you have to verify your site, the option of verification is available itself in your Tynt account. Once your site is verified the all you have to do is wait for few days so that Tynt crawler can track all the visitors visiting your site and duplicate copies of your original content.

This service is quite good because it automatically adds a link back to your site whenever someone copies content from your blog and paste in on their.

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