What is the right time to apply for Google Adsense?

What I personally believe, that if you’re willing to apply for the Google Adsense, then make sure that:

  1. Your site has enough content.
  2. Your site has all unique content.
  3. Your site doesn’t contain unethical/adult content.
  4. Your site doesn’t contain any page or any area which is under construction.
  5. Your site doesn’t use words like under construction, work in progress in page titles or as headings (as it makes bad impression of your site).
  6. Your site has enough traffic.

Make sure that you follow all the above points, but you must also know why we must wait for some time before applying for Google Adsense. I’ll explain it with an example which I normally use to make it more convenient and  understandable.

Lets compare a newly made website with your newly constructed house. Now when a new house is built we usually invite our guests for small parties, now in web world our guests are adds from Google or we can say Google Adsense. Now if we invite someone, the first thing needed is that your house construction is completed you wont invite your guests in the house which is under-construction the same way in the web world our guest are Google Adds and we wont invite them in the incomplete website, in order to invite them we need a complete website.

The second thing comes is that we need furniture (like sofa, bed, chair) so that they (guests) can sit and relax themselves, the same way if are inviting the Google adds on site we must also have furniture in our site and here the furniture is content.

Third thing we need in our house is the positive environment (by positive environment I mean that there should not be any unethical activity taking place), if it is then our guest would not like to stay in our home for longer time and will leave soon, the same if there should not be any unethical content in your site, if it is then remember Google will not accept your application, or if it accepts then don’t worry soon it will be banned.


Some of you might think that this example is so funny, but it is my way of making things easily understandable, and it effectively works.

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