What File Permission To Use For WordPress

The topic which I’m gonna discuss today is about, how actually hackers intrude in our admin areas and change our directories and files or in simple words how they hack our websites. What loopholes do they use to access the host area?

The main reason why hackers are able to gain access to our site admin area is because of the file permission we kept, sometimes because of less knowledge about file permission, we just keep our file permissions very liberal. Result, hackers intrude in our admin areas and replace our files with there infected files.

There are certain basic and advanced things that one must know about file permissions, firstly, you must have an outline idea about the file permission, WORDPRESS CODEX gives you an outline idea about the acceptable file permission.

File and directory permission can be changed by either by using FTP client software (like blaze ftp, wamp server etc…) or by directly accessing the cpanel of your website.

Changing File Permissions this link will give you the detailed description on file permissions.

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