Ways to make specific search on Google

Today I’m gonna tell you the ways to make specific search on Google, many of you out there might know about this simple fact, but I’m sure most of you haven’t applied it yet.. so kindly have a look
To use Google Alerts, you visit the home page and enter a query that matches the type of content on the website you want to promote as closely as possible. Be as precise as possible and use quotes around words if you are looking for them together (e.g. ‘Dog Food’). Use the minus sign at the start of words to eliminate any words that aren’t relevant (e.g. travel – Europe). Use the plus sign in front of words to only return results that match that word exactly (e.g. Michael +Jordaine to stop Google from sending you results about Michael Jordan).

Use the entry site: operator to confine your search to certain sites (e.g. internet marketing site: digitalpointforum.com). Use the entry site: operator along with a dash to omit certain sites (e.g. ‘Jon Doe’ – site: Facebook.com). All of this will ensure that the alerts you get will be as relevant as possible to your marketing campaign.

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