Ultra Securing Of Your WordPress Site In Just Three Steps


Ultra Securing Of Your WordPress Site In Just Three Steps


Today many bloggers opt WordPress for making there blogs, reason because it is user friendly, SEO friendly and equipped with advance features and also have an option of installing plugins to provide extra functionality. But the main problem with the WordPress is that, if not secured, it gets hacked easily.

Rather making our article too long, I’ll straight come to the point. In this article I’m gonna tell you how hackers are capable enough to hack the site and what all we can do to prevent it.

The main file hackers attack is our wp-config.php file, yes my friends I’m talking about the configuration file. This is one of the most important file of our website, as it contains all the details of  our database, and once the hacker is able to gain access to this file means he has gain access to our database.

But don’t worry, I’m gonna tell you the simple way by which you can protect your configuration file from getting accessed by the hacker.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new folder in your home directory and move the wp-config.php file in that folder. (if you want you can even rename the file)
  2. Create a new file with name wp-config.php (note wp-config.php file should be there in the home directory, if it is not found your website will not work).
  3. Now the new file which you have created with name wp-config.php, in that file add the following code.

require(‘/home/your cpanel username/public_html/your domain name/folder in which you have kept the wp-config.php file/wp-config.php’);

I’ll help you to understand the above code…

require is just a simple function in php, now I’m gonna tell what all things you have to replace from above code, rest (which are not mentioned below will come as it is)…

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your cpanel username: replace this with the username of your cpanel

your domain name: replace this with your domain name, i.e. example.com

folder in which you have kept the wp-config.php: replace this the with folder name in which your wp-config.php file has been moved by you

and last one is the name of the file, if you haven’t change the name of your wp-config.php then let it be the same, but if you have changed it then replace wp-config.php with the file name.

See I told you that in three simple steps you can secure your WordPress site.

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