Speed up your wordpress site with Clean Options plugin

Many people usually install useless plugins and then if they are not satisfied or if they don’t work properly or creates some conflicts, what we usually do is just disable it and uninstall. But do the files of that plugin have also been removed from the database? The answer is no!!

Though we remove plugin from our WordPress, files of that plugin should be removed manually from the database. But finding plugin files in the database is not an easy task, so there is one solution to this problem and that is CLEAN OPTION Wp plugin. This plugin enables you find all files available in the data base.

Why is it necessary to remove these files?

These file could increase the database size and hence would result in slow loading speed of your blog. And slow loading speed effect your search engine ranking. So its better to remove the useless stuff from your database and increase the performance of your WordPress blog.






All you need to do is just install this plugin and activate it. Now you can find it under the Tools Manager option. Now as shown above, you’ll find option like this, just you have to do is click on “Find Orphaned Options” and you’ll get a whole list of files that are in your database following with the link “Google It” now you if you’re not able to get an idea of the files, you can just click on the Google it option and can find details about it on Google.

NOTE: Don’t delete any file before getting all the details about it, if you delete any important by mistake then it can effect you’re website functioning, so kindly gather all the information about that file and then only take the necessary action on it.

Even you’ll find some warning message, you can find more information at your wp-admin/options.php file. If you’re not satisfied by the information provided on this and you may go for Google.

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