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When I entered this industry, the question in front of me was not what to do?, but how to do?

I’ll explain, whenever a we talk about a revenue generating website, the first question comes to our mind is that, which type of site help in generating more revenue. Today we see many sorts of websites in the market, so the one who is about to start a website, is bit confused in what type of site to make. So today I’ll give you the answer, that which type of site helps in generating revenue.

Today if you go and search on Google for highest revenue generating sites, 90% of the results will be of blogs (mind: these blogs are not made on these are blogs made on wordpress, joomla, nuke etc. i.e. these are the informative portals, news portals etc.

But you can even find sites like, music download ( most famous example), free software sites, gaming sites and many more. The choice is completely yours, but which ever site you make, do focus on search engine optimization (seo), because without seo, no matter how attractive your site is, it won’t create any revenue.

So the most important thing required in the site is firstly the content and the secondly the most important thing SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.

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