Reasons Why Google Adsense Account Get Disabled

Today I’m gonna discuss why most of the Google adsense account get disabled. There are several reasons for this like:

  1. Clicking on adds by yourself.
  2. Frequent visit form same I.P address.
  3. Clicks on adds from a particular area.
  4. Making other to click on adds.
  5. Placing content which makes visitor/user to click on adds
  6. Incomplete site.
  7. Inappropriate  content.
  8. Placing porn or unethical content.

There are ‘n’ reasons why your Google adsense account get disabled. But for future use always keep in mind that Google will not tolerate any invalid activity from your side. If it founds anything suspicious it will just ban your account without any prior notice. So always read Google terms and condition before applying for your Adsense Application.

You may visit Google Support centers for further help.


In my forthcoming articles I’m gonna discuss about the what is the right time to apply for Google Adsense.




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