Things To Keep In Mind While Using All In One SEO Pack Plugin

We all know that All In One SEO Pack is one of the most powerful SEO plugin in WordPress. But when it comes to the usability many of us make small-small mistakes which affects our SEO. Now will tell you some ways to use this plugin and maximize the SEO results.

The first thing is the Title Tag, the title you put in this is displayed as your page/post title, so whenever you about to fill this field keep in mind to include 2-3 highly searched keywords (not more than 2-3).

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The second is the Meta Description: In this many of just write off the complete paragraphs the biggest mistake we make. The max limit allowed is just 160 characters, so from next time whenever you write the meta description, just give the brief description of your page/post and you can include few keywords into it too.

The third thing is the meta keywords: Don’t just place high paying keywords in this section, always place keywords related to your content and of moderate ranking, and make it a practice of using keywords only once, not to repeat the keywords again-n-again, because even if you write the same keyword even 10 times, it will be considered only once, so it’s better to write keyword only once.
The keywords you write should be the once which people used to search the content, don’t add random keywords, while placing keywords always become user, it will help develop your keywords selection power.

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