How to select a domain name?

As in my previous article I discussed about the revenue generating site(s). Once you are clear with the concept on which you want to make site, whether informative, gaming, downloading, file sharing etc. The next main thing comes is the domain name, (i.e. your website name), the domain name you choose must be related with your site, don’t just go for any domain name. As domain name is the first thing which visitor/user of your site see’s, therefore your domain should be very attractive and yes it must be related with your site.



Keep the following points in mind while selecting the name:

  • It should comprise of most search keywords.
  • It should be related to your site.
  • If such domain name is not available then go for the easily re-memorable domain name.
  • Don’t select the domain name which hard to spell, as it may create spelling mistake and thus result poor optimization of your site.


In my forthcoming article’s I will discuss on which platform you must make your website and also share various ways and method to popularize your site. Till then keep visiting for the updates.

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