How to recover your banned adsense account

Before telling you the ways of reinstating your banned adsense account, let first discuss what are the reasons that your account was disabled. Many of us face a problem of Adsense account banning, the reasons why Google Adsense accounts get disabled are…..

  • Publisher clicking on his own ads: As Google adsense team keep a record of IP addresses, from which one logs into the adsense account and also of the IP’s clicking on there ads. If any of the same IP is recorded then it would be considered as invalid click and it is the main reason for adsense banning.
  • Publisher asking others to click on his ads: Sometimes people ask there friends or use other smart ways to get click on there ads, ex. by placing “donate by clicking here” notes to keep cover on the above point, but remember my friend Google Team is smarter than you, and it is too a wrong way to generate income, and if you’re found doing such things, you’re gone.
  • Automated Clicks and Impressions: There are several tools in the market which enables you to get click and impression on your advertisements, but Google is Google there smart Adsense team will trace you immediately and you have to say bye-bye to your adsense account.
  • Risking the adwords advertisers: This is the common message send to you by Google adsense, once your account is disabled- “While going through our records recently, we found that your AdSense account has posed a significant risk to our AdWords advertisers. Since keeping your account in our publisher network may financially damage our advertisers in the future, we’ve decided to disable your account.
  • Multiple clicks from same IP address: If Google Adsense team records multiple clicks on there advertisements from same IP, though you’re not responsible for this, would lead to disabling of your adsense account.
  • Indulging in unwanted activities: It you’re part of programs such hai link building and paid to surf etc., then click from such activities will be considered invalid and would lead to disabling of your account.
  • Changes with the ad code: It is found that many people try there programming skills in changing the adsense code to make it more attractive or somewhat eye catching to get more clicks, but let me tell you my friend that Google is more skilled than you and if you change there code they will change the status of your account.
  • No response to changes demanded by Google team: Sometimes Google team contact you regarding some important changes to be made in your site inorder to maintain there policy, if the changes will note be made in desired time given by Google team, then it will be considered as the violation of Google AdSense Policy and will lead to disabling of you’re account.

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You have to be sure that your website is up to date and is satisfying the Google policy, if you violate its policy then is not Google’s fault its yours.

Now once you’re account is disabled the thing which you can do and expect is just hope of your account being reconsidered and the account to be reinstated. Here are some tips which you can use recover your account, but this doesn’t guarantee that your account will be reinstated.

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Try to find the reason behind disabling why your account was disabled, if your account was banned because of invalid activities then there is very less hope of getting you’re account back, it is the irreversible mistake which you made and all your effort to recover your account will go in vain.

  1. Read the Google policy terms and condition again inorder to find the reason behind your disabling of your account and once you have found it, immediately rectify it before applying back to Google for reconsideration.
  2. Try to seek help from adsense forums, the contributors are usually very helpful, and if you’re good and polite enough to ask them whether they could tell you where did you went wrong. Usually they criticize the applicants but this is the only thing you can hope for.
  3. Ask for reconsideration:  As I mentioned above, before asking Google team to reconsider your account, you have to be sure that you have rectify all the required changes which are to be done in your site. Once you’re completely sure and satisfy, then you can go and appeal for reconsidering your account. The thing you must keep in your mind is that you have to show all the proofs and traffic logs and have to prove yourself innocence, many  publisher try 2-3 times with all strong reasons in there favor, but still you’re not getting your adsense account back, then its not worth trying more than that.

The last thing that one can do is “OPEN NEW ADSENSE ACCOUNT“, but with following things in mind….

  1. A new bank account, with the name not being the same with the one you used in your previous adsense account. The best idea here is to make an account with the name of your company, not a personal name.
  2. Open a Google adsense account with a new email address, having a name of your business and a new address.
  3. Try to change the IP of your website, by shifting to another host and initially, avoid trying to register using the same website which had led to disabling of your adsense account previously.

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