Google Adsense Disabled | What To Do Then

The reason why many blogs are made daily is motive to earn through Google Adsense. Today Google Adsense have become an easy source to make money through websites. Why people choose Google Adsense is because it is very easy to get approval from them, if you have good website with 10-15 unique post. And placing add is more simple, as you have to just paste the code on your post and Google will automatically place adds on it according to your niche.

But the worst thing happens is when you’re about to receive the payments and your Adsense Account Is Disabled. Thing which I personally don’t like about Google is that it won’t tell you the reason behind disabling your account. This is the main reason why people get demoralize and leave blogging.


So What If Google Adsense Is Disabled?

There is no need to worry if your Google Adsense is disabled, because there are several more ways to earn through websites, I’m gonna discuss few ways which will help you in generating money form your blog.

Affiliate Marketing

Let me first make you clear with the term affiliate marketing, this is the system which helps you in generating revenue if you sell the product of other companies. Once a sale has been made by your reference, you’ll get the desired referral amount for the selling the product. Companies like Hostgator and Netfirms pay $50 – $60 per sale.

Direct Advertising

By  direct advertising you can earn hundreds of  dollars, in this you can directly sell space on your blog for time span of month or year depending upon the agreement between you and the advertiser.

But in-order to attract advertiser to your blog you must first attract very good traffic on your blog. Once you gain good traffic, companies will automatically come to you to buy space on your blog.

Content Writing

This has become a huge business in today’s world. For this you don’t even require a blog if you have good writing skills. When ever we visit a blog the thing that attracts us towards that blog is the content. Many big-big blog owners pay thousands of rupees to content writers. So you can provide content writing as service to different companies and can write for them and obviously can generate a huge revenue.

Sponsored Reviews

To touch upon what I’ve mentioned above earlier, if writing is in your blood and copy-writing is your forte, doing a review for someone else’s product or services can be one lucrative source of income. All you need to do is to write an honest review and offer constructive criticism and you’ll get paid for it.

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