DISABLE ‘blue tick’ read receipt feature on WhatsApp

DISABLE ‘blue tick’ read receipt feature on WhatsApp









Those who were really annoyed with the recent ‘blue-tick’ feature addition to the WhatsApp messenger service, can now relax as the company has now made this feature optional for users.

The popular Internet messenger service released the ‘read receipt’ feature which changed the color of the grey tick marks (we see on every WhatsApp message) to blue once the receiver has checked the message. However, this feature was tagged to be further intrusive by most users. The company has now released yet another update to its app which will allow users to disable this feature.















Earlier, the service used to show one tick mark when the message was successfully sent and reached company’s server and two grey ticks when it was delivered to the receiver. Earlier this month, the company added another element to the messenger that would change the color of double grey ticks to blue when the recipient has read the sent message. However, users can now disable it by changing the feature setting.


Here is how to disable the read receipts feature:

Download the new Beta version of the app from the official website, considering that it is yet not available on Google Play. As shown in above screenshot.

Once downloaded, go to the Settings option, and then to the Account.


Now opt for the Privacy option and disable the Read Receipts settings, which will dismiss the blue ticks feature.













The feature is only available to WhatsApp app users on Android for now, but is soon expected to be rolled out for other platforms as well.

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