Difference Between Description And Keywords

Difference Between Description And Keywords

This is one of the important thing that help in SEO, and most of the people have confusion between keywords and description, or I must say they don’t know the correct way to use them, most of them consider them as a same thing, but that is not. The aim of writing this article is just to distinguish between the two and tell you the right way of using it.
Let me start with the keywords first, Keywords are just the normal words, to make in more clear let us consider an example….
Suppose I want information about the latest technologies in the market, so actually I don’t have any idea about new technology that are available on the market, so I will simply login to Google.com and search for “latest technologies in the market”. Actually this is what we call keywords, now hope you understand that keywords are the normal words we use to locate or find some new things, when ever you login to Google or any other search engine you simply type words related to the thing you are searching for and you get hundreds of results.

Keep in mind that I said hundred’s of result, because this will help to make you understand about the description.

Now let us talk about the description, description as the name suggest is the summary of your webpage, for example if we consider story books, most of them have summary at the end of the every chapter which just tell us about the chapter in brief, The same way description in the web-world refer to the brief summary of your webpage.
Yes, I told you to remember that keywords help you find hundred’s of results, what is the use of them in description???

Let me tell you that keywords play a vital role in optimizing your descriptions, when you search something on search engine,and you obviously find many results related to it, the thing you have to pay attention at is the small text written under the Titles, that is actually what description is.
But what is the use of keywords int the description???
Observe the same text, you would find some highlighted words on that text, that are the actually the keywords you used to find the results. So sometime you won’t find the searched keywords in the title but the keyword which are available in the description helps to locate that particular webpage.
So if you’re blogger, you can even put some keywords in the descriptions to make your webpage to located more easily and in a effective manner.

But be sure that you don’t overuse the keywords as it may even create problem for your webpage, for more detail on this read articles on KEYWORD STUFFING.
Hope this article would have cleared what actually description and keywords are.
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